DietMaster Product Family

DietMaster Systems' family of software products are designed with the end user in mind. Whether you're a food service director, dietitian or menu planner, you'll find something to meet your specific needs.

DietMaster 2000 is our flagship foodservice and dietary management system product. Complete with menus, recipes, production and personal data management functions, it is the most complete and cost effective product on the market today.

DietMaster 2000 Clinical Nutrition is a subset of DietMaster 2000 designed for dietitians. It includes functions necessary to create, maintain and print personal assessment data, reports and nutrient labels.

DietMaster 2000 Menu Planner is a subset of DietMaster 2000 designed for creating and maintaining recipes and menus, with spreadsheets, production and nutrition functions.

DietMaster 2000 Tray Cards is a subset of DietMaster 2000 designed for creating and maintaining generic try cards, snack labels and a few reports.

All products that are subsets of DietMaster 2000 are easily upgradeable; their database is fully compatable with DietMaster 2000. Additionally, if you choose to upgrade, we'll discount the cost of DietMaster 2000 by the cost of your original subset.

Are you still using DietMaster Tray Cards? It's a free program we developed way back in 1999 and provided to food distributors to give away. Hundreds of facilities are still using this free program every day, despite the product being deprecated.

In the meantime, though, we've been busy... and developed DietMaster 2000 Tray Cards, a much more full-featured application that follows the style of the rest of our product line. Many more features have been added, and the new TX2K continues to evolve as a low cost-of-entry into our full product line.

Why not look at some of the advantages of upgrading, and see what you've been missing!